oregano juice for cough, have you tried it?

October 4, 2008 5:28pm CST
hi fellow mylotters, i am just wondering who of you here have ever tried taking in oregano juice as an alternative cough medicine? i remember when my sister, cousins and i was still a kid and got a cough, our grandma would pick up some oregano leaves have it pounded and extract the oregano juice. she then woul let us drink around one fourth cup of that extracted juice as a cough medicine. the bitterly taste of the juice stays not until you take a cup of water. i would usually fuss around if i am told to take it because of the taste, but then that would help sooth my cough, so i was told. most of the time it really works. have you ever tried taking in alternative medicine instead of the medicine that we can buy from the pharma? if so, what did you have?