Virtual vs. Real world

@DudaYLen (219)
October 5, 2008 1:04am CST
I'm curious to know what YOU think about virtual vs. real world relationships. Do you have close relationships with people whom you only know online? What have your experiences been like? What are your thoughts about the changing nature of relationships in the internet age?
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@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
7 Oct 08
Uhm, what exactly do you mean by "relationships"? If its the standard 'having relations' to someone like friendships, online companions, constant game challengers, etc., I can say that I have close 'relationships' with people I only know online. Experiences? Well, its just the usual e-mailing/messaging/chatting between two friends, exchange of ideas, updates on what has been going on with our lives, what's going to be our individual plans in the coming months, that sort of thing. I guess its just the casual conversation like any other real world friend or acquaintance. But I guess its different in a way that online, most people tend to divulge more information or is more open to say things since its already granted that we cant see each other physically so we wouldnt know the others' expressions, manner, and actions. Typed words are all we have to know what the other is going through, though, we still both have to be careful with what we say since the typed words might be misunderstood or something like that. Thoughts on changing nature of relationships, hmm, I think people are just swaying to the tune of advancing technology. It does provide communication and time and distance wouldnt be a factor anymore in getting to know other people. I guess when real people are busy with real lives, people online would be available to keep us company whenever we find ourselves alone and not occupied.
• India
6 Oct 08
Hi DudaYlen, I think you've started a very interesting and an important topic, in terms of the current scenario.Kudos to you. My views on the topic are very liberal. I am perfectly alright with having a virtual connection with anyone, provided he/she talks sense. The virtual world is like dont really get to know the person's looks or the way she carries himself/herself or if he/she is fat or plum or thin, whatever! The only thing that matters here, are your views and the way you converse. And this according to me is the most important quality. Reason being that for how long can you admire the end of the day its the person that matters! So i believe that internet helps us in building bonds with the inner self of a person, irrespective of how they look. So what comes out of it all is your character and not an outer personality. Coming to me...yes i do have some very close friends on the internet. I've never met them, and i know i might not ever meet them because of distance, etc. but yes i talk to them everyday...and it feels as if we are real friends. We share everything, just as we wud do with the best or our real friends!
@nopain (32)
• China
6 Oct 08
well,Up to now,i have been using Internet for years.i met friends online mostly(becasue we live in the different cities and have no chance to see each other in the real-life). i do think the Internet is one of the most valuable tools in the is convinence and very effictive.i have really made a lot of virtual friends online and keep touch with them frequently.sometimes,i would like to confide some secrety to my virtual friends.and sometimes,i would play online games as well as chatting with some of them.i have really been got some of annoying from some bed manner people ,this is the worst experience which i got from the online virtural world up till now. back to other port of the topic,i do think the natural relationships between people had been changed a lot after The internet has invented.the distance is no longer a serious problem between people,it became more convenience for people,the information transmit faster and cost a little than ever,i have to say it is really great invention.
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
5 Oct 08
I met my partner now from the virtual world. It was so nice that she is eventually someone in my environment, but then when I met her I didn't know that. I knew her only online, I didn't know how she would look like, I didn't know her voice (yes, I am a conventional online chatter who only use text without webcam or microphone). We are really close each other because of the chat, and I like her from that. I think internet relationship is really possible, it makes people close each other because the distance was no longer matter. I didn't see anything wrong about this.