Is religion dead? does it have any place in our society any more?

@pawnee (187)
October 6, 2008 8:09am CST
so folks, what ya reckon? Has religion past its sell by date? does it do anything more than create pointless wars? I understand its important to have faith but is religion just a pre historic focal point to achieve that? Personaly, i do not believe in a god, heaven, or hell. Infact i think WE are the gods... we just need a little more time to figure it out.
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• Mauritius
6 Oct 08
hello dear, i dont really agree with you. you might not believe in god, heaven or hell but taking yourself for god is quiet far fetched. even if we reach our full potential we cant measure ourselves to god!! but its true that people have forgotten the essence of religion. it is mostly used as a dividing factor instead of a uniting one nowadays.
@1hopefulman (33518)
• Canada
7 Oct 08
A wise teacher once said that a fruit tree that produces rotten fruit will be cut down. Much of this world's religion produces rotten fruit so it has to go. Religion should produce better quality people but we see that they are no better or even worse then those without religion. Jesus in his day threw out of the temple the corrupt and greedy merchants. If he visited the churches today, what would he find? He will act according to what he finds.