U.S. bank failures

@ersmommy1 (12600)
United States
October 6, 2008 8:11am CST
Analysts doubt $700 billion bailout will be enough to avert a major shakeout. Stanford Financial analyst expects more than 100 U.S. banks to fail in the next year. LSU professor estimates total deposits in banks that fail during crisis at $1.1 trillion.Financial firm: California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota banks most vulnerable. Do you really think your money is safe? does this make you nervous? http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/10/05/shaky.banks.ap/index.html
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@arnoldream (1332)
• Philippines
6 Oct 08
actually our money is not safe somehow, if safety out of crisis is concern,anyway all deposits are insured up to certain amount in which the government is the one that guaranty in case of this kind of crisis...well thats true that many more banks and financial institution will suffer crushes in the next period specially if the issue that makes this crisis left unchecked and never get right, whatever big amount of bailout that the government will provide will just come short of all these misuse and mismanagement of money and financial resources...see britain they actually made it to come up with some form of bailout that support their crushing financial economy, the money they have pour out are vanishing like bubbles in the air and the misuse of this finances are draining their economy of these important cash of money...and what will happen to america if they follow the same like britain...specially now that everything was delayed..and all americans are now fed up with your politics stand off s.
@stephcjh (32327)
• United States
6 Oct 08
It makes me very nervous about our money and the state of the economy. I do not trust anything that George Bush comes up with anymore. It is such a mess right now as it is.