do you keep the receipts of the things you bought?

October 6, 2008 10:23am CST
everyday, we almost buy all the things we need in life.. and there are those we bought that has receipts on it as required by the government for them to keep track of the business that persons has.. however, as for me, i find it not so good. i find it irritating at times.. but somehow, it is of advantage tooo. how about you, do keep the receipts?
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@zenki08 (700)
• Philippines
6 Oct 08
I do keep receipts especially if they are for the things that I bought that cost a lot. But for the little things I usually keep them for a couple of days or a week the most. You can never tell if your ever gonna need a refund!
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@capirani (1841)
• United States
8 Oct 08
I keep all receipts that are for items that are expensive, may break down or be defective and may need returned. I keep receipts for items I buy as gifts for others in case they need to return the items. I keep all these receipts for a year. After that I throw them away. I also keep the boxes of such items at times just in case because the stores often want the items returned in the original box.
@capirani (1841)
• United States
14 Oct 08
Sure glad I keep receipts. I had my daughter go to the store for me and pick up a couple multimedia tower shelves for me. I put one together yesterday and the second one came out of the box broken. She had to return it today and would not have been able to without the receipt.
@chiaeugene (2226)
• China
14 Oct 08
i keep receipts of those electrical items, luxuries and items that i feel may not last long where i need to change for a new one within the warranty period. apart from that, i do not keep receipts as i agree with you that it is messy to have so many receipts around.
@Zelmarq (11503)
• Cebu City, Philippines
7 Oct 08
Yes, I always keep receipts. They are reminders to me not to spend some more. But theres one annoying event that I cant forget. I paid 15,000 for my mothers operation but the doctor never gave me the receipt no matter how much I tried and even cost me money to get it, travelled for two hours and still not get anything. Well, I dont know if his a tax evader but the way he is acting makes me think that he is.