right and wrong

October 6, 2008 10:51am CST
what is right and wrong? i know its a little bit difficult to answer this question, but not impossible.from the day of your birth you might have been listening to these words. when you were a small child your parents use to say and guide you by saying that this is wrong and this right. when you were teenager you did realize what is wrong and what is right. and then when you are young you can guide others as you know what is right and wrong, but do you really know the definition of what is right and wrong. in my view its people who decide what is write and what is wrong.things are as they are, its the human which classified it into right and wrong. but i am not getting the right definition of those two words. are you getting it?
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@arthi_88 (1518)
• India
7 Oct 08
I guess nobody can efine right or wrong in any particular topic completely except for spellings..For me its right when I or anubody close to me is not harmed an wrong when harmed! that the most relative definition possible for me to give and this time I din't play safe!!
• India
7 Oct 08
yeah this time you didn't play safe. i like it. try no to do so in any discussions.
@1hopefulman (32506)
• Canada
7 Oct 08
For me it works this way. I came to believe that there was a God. Looked for how He communicated with us, and found the Bible. Started reading it and loved it. So what God says is right and what he says is wrong, I go by. It's that simple for me. One can argue about it or accept it. I accept it.