the most beautiful prson in this world

October 6, 2008 11:32am CST
who do you think is the most beautiful person in this world? i am not talking about any actors or actresses, all i want to know is who do you think is the most beautiful person you have met till now. beauty is not only outside but the true beauty is the inside beauty of a person. in my view the most beautifull person is my mother. she has so many good things that i am unable to count till now. daily i wake up and see a good side of her inner beauty. she will be the most beautiful person i have ever met in this world. nobody can ever replace her. who is in your life?
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@arthi_88 (1518)
• India
7 Oct 08
I had responde to a similar discussion earlier and this time also my answer is yes the most beautiful person for me is my mother cause everytime I look into her eyes they have no conditions or question but just love..Nomatter what I do or where i be my mothers love or concern and care for me is never going to change and her eyes will always be equally loving toward me..And as they say true beauty lies in your eyes so the most beautiful person for me is my mother...happy mylotting!!
@Tushavi (2078)
• Karachi, Pakistan
6 Oct 08
Yep There is Our Beloved Prophet "Muhammad P.B.U.H" The Greatest & Beautiful Personality of the World See around the World & You Find If Someone Have any Quality Like Muhammad P.B.U.H Who are World's Hero & Public Interest on them.
@sabbatha (287)
• United States
6 Oct 08
Well of course my mom, but if we stray outside the family it would have to Marta. She's a regular customer where I work and she is amazing. She's 74 and so full of life and postive energy that it makes me smile just to spot her at work. Talking with her just lifts my spirits higher. She's amazing and so full of stories.
@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
6 Oct 08
Yes it would definitely be my mother for me, she is the one we are most closest too in life and my mum is always there for me to give me unconditional love, support, advice and she is also my best friend as well! What you said is so true beauty is indeed in the inside, because outside beauty can fade but inner beauty can last a lifetime.