How Does Obama Get Away With This??!!

United States
@rodney850 (2146)
October 6, 2008 1:36pm CST
Barack Obama has on more than one occasion touted himself as "mainstream" or "middle-class" American! So much so that he opted out of public funding of his campaign because his "private" donors were more than up for the challenge. What I want to know from his supporters is just how you let this man get away with insulting your intelligence at every turn? In April Obama attended a huge fundraiser in San Francisco, California. Oh, you didn't hear about this? Do you know why? Because Obama didn't want you to know and furthermore to decrease the possibility of many people finding out, the press was not invited either! The main reason he didn't want you, the everyday citizen, to know about it is because he was in attendance by some of the richest, most elite people in the world much less the USA! Here is an article which chronicles where and with whom this fundraiser took place. Obama is lying to you, Obamites, and every citizen of the U.S. when he tells of how his campaign is financed by the "little man" because, as you will see from the next two articles, it is coming from people who are far from little! I don't know about you people but I couldn't afford a fundraiser price tag of $28,500, could you?