Why are people rude to Cashiers

United States
October 7, 2008 8:41am CST
I honestly believe that most don't realize they are being rude, like the ones having a conversation on their cell phones and ignoring the cashier, because they are more focused on the call than the transaction they initiated; but there are others who are down right nasty. Just the other day a woman came into the store I work at and started screaming obscenities at the cashier, I was at the back of the store (about 50 yards away) helping a customer and we could clearly hear her, this customer was mortified and waited for her to leave before heading to the registers. Even if there is a problem does that give someone the right to embarrass, berate, and humiliate the cashier? Shouldn't it be handled quietly and with dignity? Have you ever screamed at a cashier?