did you know...

October 7, 2008 11:03am CST
THAT THERE ARE THREE TYPES OF MEMORY AT WORK INSIDE OUR HEAD: SENSORY MEMORY - are memories that come from the senses. It exist for each sensory channel: when you recognize a sound , like a friend's voice. SHORT TERM MEMORY - are memories that are easy to forget. it is a temporary recall of information.When you're reading a paragraph you have to remember what happened in the one before that.If you're paying attention, your short term memory will keep that info stored for you, but not for long. It fades quickly, unless their pass on to your LONG TERM MEMORY -are memories that are strong enough that you can recall them at almost anytime. The name of your children, the memory of your first love, how to play a musical instrument..as long as you think of them from time to time, they are here to stay. Memories that you don't recall will fade and eventually be forgotten.. additional knowledge: "If a person is said to have amnesia, she has lost her memory or has a gap in memory. Amnesia is brought on by trauma including stress, illness and insomia" SOURCE: POPULAR SCIENCE ALAMANAC
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