Fake 10 pesos

October 9, 2008 1:11pm CST
2 nights ago, I went down our building to buy medicine for my husband in one of the convenience stores. I got a 10 peso coin for a change, when the lady gave it to me I felt something odd on it coz it looked dirty but since I was in a hurry I just shrugged the feeling and immediately went home. Now I saw the coin and compared it to other 10 peso we have - and true enough it was thinner, so I took a magnet and it adhered to it! So it is FAKE!I heard of this news before, was it last year or last last year? But I could not believe it is still circulating!! So be careful guys, 10 pesos is still 10 pesos right! How about you? Have you experienced it?
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@aprilten (1966)
• Philippines
13 Oct 08
So, those fake P10 coins are still around. We still have to be careful. Now those counterfeiters are resorting to faking small coins/bills. What's happening to this world. So many crimes are happening. And government officials don't seem to have 'delikadesa' anymore.
@rsa101 (16069)
• Quezon City, Philippines
10 Oct 08
I guess it is really difficult to take notice that a fake coin is in circulation. First since its a coin very few would suspect that it is a fake. I guess Central Bank cannot really control that to circulating since they detected it circulating after sometime and when they made some confiscation they already knew that the circulation waqs already widespread. People were also not that concerned as Jeepneys and others do accept the coin never realizing that money was fake. So I guess there are plenty still in circulation roaming around. The only thing that these would be stopped is when it lands on banks since banks can detect it easily and they would immediately discard this but I this coin seldom reaches the banks.
@mapi26 (549)
• Philippines
9 Oct 08
oh yeah i have encountered it already... i have a habit of saving all my 5 & 10 peso coins & since i stack them all i at times would check on it one by one before i go to the bank to deposit it. same with your description, i saw this 1 10 peso coin which is dirty. not in a dirty way but somewhat odd in color compared to others. since i don't have a magnet what i did is compare the sound of each 10 peso coins by throwing them on the floor & it did sound different. i did not include that in my savings. just imagine i have already deposited more than 10k of 5 & 10 peso coins, good thing i was able to distinguish 1. i'll probably get a magnet to test it further coz i also have heard in the news 2 years ago about that magnet thing.
• United States
9 Oct 08
I got a fake dime before. I like it and keep it as a part of my coin collection.