Maybe there is still hope for them ???

@redkathy (3375)
United States
October 9, 2008 9:08pm CST
Did you notice that Earn3 has a quite a few more ads?? When I first started clicking there were like five ads. Todays I have 11 ads to click. I was really mad about the long waiting line but I noticed it went down like 100 in a week. And, the admin there is thinking about requiring people to sign in at least once a week in order to get paid. Here's the post: "[i]I been thinking about adding a new rule for payout. When they cash out, and I get ready to pay that member they will need to at least log in that week, and they need a min. number of links clicked. That would be more fair to there upline, and the others that been waiting that has been active. Let me know what you think of this rule. It's not official yet. Thanks, Admin[/i]" So what do you think, is there hope for Earn3? Do you think they're turning the money corner?
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@EAStanley (2689)
• United States
16 Oct 08
I'll have to try this one. I hadn't heard of it yet. Thanks for the tip!