Do you think the current generation of children is mentally strong?

@bvdev234 (304)
October 10, 2008 4:37am CST
Do you think the current generation of children is mentally strong? What are those could be done to create a mentally strong generation.
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@rajueie (204)
• India
14 Oct 08
hi frends......children in this present generation are very fast....they are born intelligents....but i dont think we can say that they are mentally this age we can really tell whether this child is mentaly strong or weak...the conditions around the child makes the child mentally strong or its too early to say that they are mentaly strong or its better to say that...they are....more mylotting....thanq...
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@geekyjock (371)
• Philippines
25 Oct 08
No, I think children in this and the next generations become less and less strong mentally. Because of the new technologies, children in the new generation becomes less independent and have also lower E.Q. Children nowadays prefer sitting down the computer or playing video games than talking to their family members or inter acting with neighbors or schoolmates. This trends are unhealthy for the children and for the future. And also one thing that is to be blamed for is the parents tendency to spoil children with material things to cover up their neglect to the children. Because of that, children tend to be too materialistic and doesn't have the discipline because they know they can have what they want through their parents, so the tendency is that the children nowadays doesn't know the meaning of hardwork anymore.
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@Hatley (164447)
• Garden Grove, California
20 Oct 08
bvdev234 I do think the cuurent generation are more mentally strong as a lot of kids grow up in one parent families and have to growup sooner, and adjust to things more than the generation before them. We can help our kids grow up mentally strong by being that way ourselves, we are the ones to set the examples for' our children to follow. If we dont do what we tell our kids they should do we do them a great disfavor. be a good example for your kids.
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@hellcord (675)
• Romania
14 Oct 08
Serious problem you brought up here. We as a society are seriously missing things like rites of passage, a close bond within the family, things like father-son bonding through passing of the knowledge, inner strength and all the things that make a man feel secure and confident in himself, his heritage, his upbringing, ability to face the world and come out on top. Older societies had such things, and benefited greatly from it. They still have them in some parts of the world, and people know their place within nature, benefit from an inner compass that stays with them, pointing true, based on age-old principles. They are much better balanced psychologically. In today's western world usually there is a minimal transfer of knowledge within the family unit, children cannot see and learn directly what their parents are doing, instead are taking their skills and knowledge from distant institutions like school, church, whatever, and a peer group that is equally clueless and lacking guidance. It might be economically better, but psychologically it's a very weak foundation. That's why the anxiety, low self esteem and millions of pills each year to deal with them. What could be done, hard to say. Travel the world and see places where people still have this strength, and learn from them directly. I'm not sure if it can be done like we try to do most things, in the comfort of our homes, in the city.
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• Morocco
14 Oct 08
No I don't think that this new generation of children are strong montally or even physically !! The whole problem is that this generation has been formated and wached by TVs shows , video games , .. those people do really believe in this things , they think that every thing has a happy ending , and that the love and the victory of the good will be their destiny .. But they're wrong the whole world is plenty of issues and dangers , and those children do not try to deal with any of it ,which make them so weak against any simple movements which run to destroy their lives ..
@aprces (1082)
• China
11 Oct 08
just the other way round
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10 Oct 08
Hi bvdev234, With so much goings on today and in the media, also most families are one parent familes, the children have to be mentally strong and have to deal with whatever life throws at them, they are young adults these days at age 10, sometimes younger, when I was 13 I was still a child doing childish things like playing with dolls and climbing trees but kids today would not dreal of doing that, they are more grownup and thats what makes them mentally strong. Tamara
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