Do hugs make you feel better?

United States
October 11, 2008 3:16am CST
When I'm feeling really low, my daughter comes over to me and hugs me. The hug always makes me feel better. And when she is feeling bad, I offer a hug. What is it about hugs that make us feel so much better? It's not like a kiss. It's not like skin is touching in a hug. It's just a human connection. I think it's like being cuddled by our moms when we were babies. Years ago, they did a sociological study of Native tribes (overseas) and found out that parents who offered hugs and cuddles to their children were more tender and less prone to violence. So, maybe giving a hug is just as beneficial as getting a hug. Hugs open our hearts to the people around us. What do you think? If more people hugged, would this be a nicer world. Do you ask for a hug when you are feeling down? Do you ever get offered a hug?