my friend's so-called married life...

@desireeo (595)
October 11, 2008 8:48am CST
gosh, my friend's love story is driving me crazy. see, she and her husband have a long-distance relationship. she's here in the Philippines and her husband is in the States. theirs was a kind of whirlwind romance. they hooked up over the phone (although, they were batch mates in high school but they were not really friends) and when the guy went back to the Philippines, they got married. in short, they never really had time to get to know each other as lovers before that. they've been married for two years now and all i hear from my girl-friend are complains about her husband and her husband's family. i don't know where to begin to recount the things that they fight about but all i can say is that it's senseless. no matter where i look i can't see my friend's fault in any of it. they fight over little things and it's so confusing when it's not really a big deal and they're supposed to miss each other since they live so far apart. even the little time that they get to spedn with each other when the husband comes back to the Philippines, are still spent fighting.... i think they should both take a time off. my advice to my friend is that she should get out of the relationship coz from the beginning it has brought her nothing but confusions and heartaches. that relationship is not even worth sticking out even for their son...
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@checapricorn (16069)
• United States
18 Oct 08
[i]Hi desireeo, That is very sad if there is no peace in their relationship, hopefully, they can sit down and evaluate their situation,maybe it's just one of the trials they are facing right now and they really need to establish close relationship! I've known a lot of friends who have short engagement and at the beginning of their relationship were far from each other but with constant communication, they were able to make themselves more closer and loving to each other![/i]
@rsa101 (13337)
• Philippines
12 Oct 08
I think they should sort this thing out. Although it may be difficult for you seeing her like this but I think they as a couple should really resolved their situation. Having a long distance relationship is a much more of a thing that makes it more harder. I can only advice you to stay with her and be her guiding light while in this kind of a situation. But let them decide on their own since this is their life that they are dealing with and they are the only ones that can truly decide what is best for their situation.
• United States
11 Oct 08
Wow, that sounds difficult. I used to be in a long distance relationship, but after about 4 years, I couldn't take it anymore. Why are they married if all they're gonna do is fight in the first place. Very sad indeed. Well I wish you and your friend all the luck in the world!