How Do You Gain Your Managers Trust?

Trust - How to Gain?
@Muelitz (1592)
October 13, 2008 7:28am CST
I have been working for at least a month now and I get a feeling that my manager does not 100 percent trust me. He will give me things to do in the morning and then when he leaves for a client meeting. He would check on me by calling to ask what am I doing. He probably think I am not working when he is not there. The truth of the matter is I don't even get a chance to use my 1 hour lunch break because of the work load he assigns me. Have you been in this predicament? Can you advise what I can do to earn his trust?
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@rosedust82 (2075)
• Philippines
14 Oct 08
Hi Muelitz... Well, don't worry. I think that there are managers who are really like that. I guess what you can do is just ride out the wave. Make sure that the boss doesn't see anything that would make you look bad. Since you're new, I guess he just wants to check on your performance. If he gives you a lot of load, he might be checking on your ability to handle things and to multi-task. Who knows... If you do good, you might get promoted.
• Malaysia
13 Oct 08
Hi Muelitz, from your explanation, you only works for at least a month or more. I believe the call is to ensure you are able to complete for the tasks on time. Also, to get someone trust is very difficult, thus do allow sometimes for your manager. With more and more assignment to you and you proof that you are able to handle that perfectly, then eventually you will gain the trust. With that moment, you will be more comfortable on the situation. All the best to you in your carrier.
• Philippines
13 Oct 08
Sometimes bosses are like that. Maybe thats their way of getting your trust. Sometimes you will feel that they hated you because my boss is like that but when I was long in the company and see that I am hardworking now I am his trusted worker. I deal with handling even his personal money because the trust maybe he was looking for me was already gain. Just be patient because your just new in the company and still to gain the trust of your boss. Good Luck!