Whats the max. pics. you shot at a stretch?

@sivanj (1263)
October 13, 2008 7:59am CST
I happened to shoot the snaps for my friend's marriage reception. It was the longest time i was shooting and the maximum number of snaps i had taken till that time. i mean all these without a break of even 15-20mins. i started with the bride and bridegroom entering the marriage hall and ended at the end of the reception. i did not realise how many i had shot till the end of the function. At the end when i saw the camera (digital camera) i had shot about 150 snaps in a span of around two hours. my friend is happy with my performance as a photographer (though i am not a professional). whats your special experience with the camera? How many have you shot at a stretch (non stop)?
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@trickiwoo (2702)
• United States
14 Oct 08
I definitely shoot the most photos when I'm shooting weddings. And like you said, it's constant shooting! There isn't a lot of time for breaks! When I do weddings, I usually shoot between 1,000-2,000 photos. When I'm not shooting weddings and just shooting for my own enjoyment, it's not uncommon for me to shoot over 500 photos in just an hour.
@makingpots (11922)
• United States
13 Oct 08
I have taken about 100 to 150 in one setting before. I was attending a national convention for pottery and seeing artwork made by the top potters in the world. I wanted a picture of everything!!
• Australia
13 Oct 08
I shoot 300 a day most days...or at least that's how many I bring home after dumping what I don't like. For events like sports, I can fill an 8 gigabyte card in a day (lots of burst mode), but on a bird or other nature shoot, 300 to 400 images is the rule. I would shoot more, but my wife and I work together and she takes about the same number, so between us we cover the bases pretty well with having to go overboard. If the subject matter is more static like a day of macro or flower photography, well often come back with just a few hundred frames each; although in a recent trip to Western Australlia wher the flowers were so unfamiliar to us, it was more like 500 each per day. Portraits and produce shots both produce few frames, and landscapes are a chance to slow down and consider before pressing the shutter release.
@bobmnu (8160)
• United States
13 Oct 08
For my nephews wedding I shot for 12 hours taking over 1000 photos. This weekend I was shooting and traveling for my sons ROTC Field Problem for 12 hours and took over 400 photos. I am not constantly shooting but always looking for the photo opp.