Warnings for GPS users

GPS device - GPS device in the car
October 14, 2008 3:57am CST
Nowadays,people in growing numbers are using GPS when they are driving.It's actually an useful device which can help people know where they are and how to arrive their destinations.But GPS is making roads more dangerous than before.You may be eager to say "there are some devices that make roads more dangerous,but GPS? it's impossible." But it's true. A recent study shows that using GPS is less safe than using old-fashioned paper maps.It's reported GPS are responsible for 2,000 incidents at least per year.The reason is that GPS users entirely relay on the device.They pay too much attention on it and are less aware of the raod in front of them.They ignore the signs on the road.It may lead accident easily. Of course GPS are uesful and every one want to use it during driving.But it is only as good as there are software in it.Don't relay on it all the time.When you turn on your GPS devices,keep your eyes on the road and don't turn off your minds.
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@egdcltd (6797)
14 Oct 08
It seems a lot of people don't bother using common sense when using their GPS. I've heard stories of people following their GPS instructions to the letter even when they know they're wrong.
• China
14 Oct 08
Yes,many drivers just follow the direction of GPS,don't pay attention on the road in front of them.
@enola1692 (3325)
• United States
16 Oct 08
i can agree with you only because we were driveing with a friend thathad one an he was like a normal guy playing with the pretty buttons instead of watching the road he was like look at this an pressing some button on his gps I was like can you just watch the raod an leave your toy alone
• China
15 Oct 08
Yes,I agree with you.Every coin has two sides,GPS can help people to find their orientation more easily, but it really brings adverse influence.When you are drving,you are using GPS ,you must pay much attention on it,sometimes you can't take your eyes away from it, you are less aware of the road in front of you.