Are you equally sharing all expenses with your husband or your wife ????

October 15, 2008 9:17am CST
Ever since my husband and i got married we have this not really an agreement about equally sharing bills and all other expenses that we will incur. Actually , when we were still boyfriend and girlfriend we talked about it already that we are going to share equally all the expenses so that we will not argue about money . like "where is the money or why is that much only" such thing. So by the time we got married it becomes an understanding from us that i am gonna give my share and his gonna give his share whatever is left to me or him , i dont care about it anymore . This eliminates or lessen the conflict and arguments about money . For me it is very effective atleast he has his own money to take care of while i have mine. How about you do you feel the same about this idea ?
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@sudalunts (5526)
• United States
15 Oct 08
I am not working at the time, I was laid off from my job almost four months ago. When I was working and even now, I control all of the money, and we do not split, we combine. I have always made more than my husband and we have one checking account, so all of the money goes there, and the bills are paid from it. It would be nice for me to have my own money, but there is never anything left over after paying the bills. My husband does not manage money very well, and it is best that I be in charge of it. Just in the last two weeks he overdrew on our account four times. I was livid, as long as he see a balance he thinks there is money, not considering the checks that have not yet cleared. I am glad your system works for you.
• Philippines
16 Oct 08
yeah i guess it will work for everybody. I mean i am not an organized person when it comes to money matter that is why i dont want a full responsibility of all the money . I dont like also when my husband will asked me about where the money go , i simply dont like that . that is why we split it is all even
@ruby222 (4848)
17 Oct 08
Well we have been married for many years,and I have always been the banker in the houshold,and for us it is a scheme that has worked well.We do not have mine and his money ,we have our money,maybe it is the old fashioned way of working but it is a method that I much prefer.That does not mean to say that my hubby does not have money,he has money that is his to spend each and every week.It is just an insurance that he does not overspend,as he tends to be bad at budgetting.I am the better at planning ,saving and budgeting out of the two of us.I know many couples that both work and pay half of the household bills each,then share the remaining running costs between them,and for them that method works well too.I am sure it is a question of what works the best for you,and as long as you have a strategy in place that does work well for you both as a couple then that is all you need.
@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
17 Oct 08
No, I did not let my wife take over the paying of the bills for it is my responsibility to do that and now that my wife is also working I only let her save a money for the children needs in the future especially when they will be going to College and they are my wife's children because she is a widower..and save also for our future planned in which we share both of the amount of money that we put in the bank.....
@mjmlagat (3171)
• Philippines
17 Oct 08
We do share in everything but since he earns five times my earnings, he pays most of the bills. I just do the back-up thingy. I don't think this becomes a problem at all for married couple for as long as there is mutual understanding and importantly, love.