top 10 things i am afraid of ...

October 16, 2008 11:15am CST
1) snakes 2) dying alone 3) hell 4) loosing a limb 5) not having child 6) drowning 7) home violence 8) getting old 9) cancer 10) heavily tattooed man share your fears ... with hope that it will go away
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• China
20 Oct 08
Things that I am afraid of is : fire,blood,temblor,war,flood,etc. Have a lovely day!
• Malaysia
30 Oct 08
hi sunny ... fire -- as long as it is small is ok blood -- as long as it is not mine or my loved ones
@lazeebee (5468)
• Malaysia
17 Oct 08
Hi Sanjana, these are the things I'm afraid of: 1. Cockroaches 2. No money when I grow old 3. No books to read 4. Suffocation 5. Losing my family and loved ones 6. Seeing my family and loved ones suffering or in pain
• Malaysia
30 Oct 08
hi lazeebee, - money and old age ... - i wondered how suffocation and drownning will feel like - Loosing my husband more than anything thanks to add on my list of fear
@goldeneagle (6775)
• United States
16 Oct 08
Only five things for me that really scare me more than anything... Snakes Spiders Losing everything Becoming a nobody Getting old or becoming unable to do for myself for some reason Oh wait...maybe there are seven...definitely do not want to go to hell...and don't want to lose a limb... I am not deathly afraid of sharks...I saw Jaws too, and I am sure I would have a different opinion if I were in the water and one was coming at me, but if I were deathly afraid of them, I would not go in the water at all. I have a respect for them, though. I am actually fascinated by them. I don't think I would want to swim with them the way some people do, but I would probably do the shark-cage thing where you get in the cage and look at them. The thought of cancer is scary to everyone I think. Other than that, not too many things scare me. About the only other thing that really scares me is when something takes me by surprise. I don't do the haunted houses or things like that, because I don't like the things or people jumping out at me the way they do in those places. I hate it when people walk up behind me and grab me or make a loud noise. I have almost hurt a few people when they did that. Luckily, I noticed who was doing it in time to stop myself. I will also not sit with my back to the door of a restaurant or dining area, unless my back is in a corner or against the wall or something else to eliminate the possibility of someone coming up behind me. I catch hell finding a seat in a place with entrances from multiple directions. LOL OH...I almost forgot this one...I absolutely HATE the sound of a balloon popping. I cringe when it happens, even if I know the person is going to do it. I am not afraid of the noise, but it reminds me of gunshots. I am hesitant to go to fireworks shows for the same reason. Flashbacks I guess...
• Malaysia
18 Oct 08
hi goldeneagle Spiders - i have never come accross really poisonous spiders ... only small tiny ones getting old ... ya unable to do for myself I dont do haunted house too ... as i will keep 'remembering' them when i am alone Ballons ... i dont even blow them too much as it might blow on my face ... he he he Its is comfirmed i am a coward