My Dell Notebook Graphics Card

United States
October 16, 2008 3:29pm CST
Hi all!! I got a Vostro 1500 Dell notebook for my anniversary this year and I LOVE IT! It does everything I need it to do except one thing: I can't play Everquest 2 on it. Everquest is an online multi-user game that uses a lot of graphics. My question is this: Does anyone know if there is some what I can plug in a better graphics card somehow to my Vostro? I called Dell and they said there is no way I can upgrade my graphics card as my Dell Vostro was built to use only the one that comes attached to the my notebook's motherboard. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated! Thanks!
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• India
16 Dec 08
um.. is there a video sharing option? did utry to use the settings which take less VRAM? happy lotting and have a nice day