My dog caught a chipmunk! Good grief!

United States
@mentalward (14716)
October 16, 2008 3:30pm CST
I don't know how the chipmunk got into the house, but there it was. I was TRYING to take a nap because I've caught a cold and need rest. All of a sudden, my dog, a tiny Maltese, went bananas! I looked down and there was a chipmunk lying on the floor, dead-looking, right beside the bed! I went to grab some tissues to pick it up to get rid of it when it suddenly jumped up and ran as fast as it's little legs would take it. My dog, Penny, flew after it! It ran into a corner where, apparently, my dog caught it because, before I could see what had happened, she took off out of the bedroom. I went after her but couldn't find her anywhere! I went outside. I called her, in case she had somehow gotten through the barricade on the deck. No Penny! Finally, she came running into the kitchen, where I was standing, and I asked her, "Where is it?" She ran out of the kitchen with me hot on her heels. She literally barrelled into the closet in my bedroom. Okay. I know where the chipmunk is now. I looked in there and Penny had the poor little thing in her mouth, shaking it... hard! I told her to drop it, which she did. (Good dog!!!) It WAS dead this time. I finally got it into a jar, took it outside and threw it into the woods. Whew! What an exciting way to wake up from a nap! My adrenalin is STILL zooming through my body. Have you ever had a dog do something like that? Cat's do it all the time but I've never known a dog to do it, at least not a Maltese! I've heard of rat terriers, but Maltese are not hunting dogs! They're tiny little white hair balls with feet!