Do you dislike advertisements when you are watching tv?

@wangkai (798)
October 16, 2008 9:31pm CST
hello every one on the mylot.nowadays nore and more advertisements is broadcasted in the tv take us a lot of time to watch those china half of the time was occupied by tv advertisements in a day.perhaps some people like watching tv adsvertisements.however i suppose that most of people dislike tv advertisements.of course some tv advertisements may be useful to our lives.we should not completely reject tv advertisements.but it should be conducted in an orderly manner.and it should not take much of you think so?welcome to stating your views.thank you.
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@snowy22315 (55826)
• United States
17 Oct 08
I think there are so many commericals on TV today that it is difficult even to watch alll of them. I gues they ar all good in their own way but I get tired of having so many of them on all the time. I guess that there are many things that could be on instead of them. I just dont know that I could watch them all.
@wangkai (798)
• China
17 Oct 08
i think that it should be appeared suddenly when you was watching a tv may be broadcasted after tv sries.
@xstephx (58)
21 Oct 08
Adverts are so so annoying especially when your watching a good programme or film and they interrupt a good part. They are only good if you need to go to the toilet or get or drink or something lol, then you don't miss anything.
• Canada
19 Oct 08
I don't like watching commercials during my tv shows. That's why I pretty much record all my shows and watch them at a later time. Then I'll just fast forward through the commercials. This saves about 15 minutes for every 1 hour show. I have better things to do in life than wasting time watching commercials. Although, I guess some people could say I'm wasting my time watching tv in the first place. :) But I really enjoy tv!
• Australia
19 Oct 08
When I'm watching an interesting TV program which I love and the break goes on I get frustrated. But sometimes when I am watching a show that I love I'm glad that there's brakes cause I need to go to the toilet, get a drink or quickly do something without missing something on my favourite program.