corporal punishment?

@clarkmy (428)
October 17, 2008 10:12am CST
cases of corporal punishment are reported to take places in today's family now and then even in some school,the issue whether it is good or not to exercise the punishment has aroused a heat disscussion, i have a strongly opposed to this kind of punishment ,firstly ,this is indeed a very uncivilied action schools or palace where children receive formal education and learn to bacome well,if teachers exercise corpoal punishment onn the so called bad students other students may follw suit, secondly ,great harm be done to the students body thirdly ,students may be hurt psychologically ,some children and naughty ,but they are not really bad students ,ao i am inclined to take side with the opion that punishment of corporal is not good, but some people think it is the good way to learn child thay think'a boisterous horses must have a rough bridge' how about you ,,my friend?
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@Hatley (164468)
• Garden Grove, California
18 Oct 08
hi clarkmy Ihate corporeal punishment and dontwantitin my schools. we parentscan discipline our kids at home, we dont want teachers hitting or beating on our kids.we use other methods of discipline like time out or standing in the corner, and it works so much better than a beating any day. all a beating does isteach kids its okay to hurt someone.