Who's side are you on - Paul McCartney or Heather Mills?

United States
November 6, 2006 11:14pm CST
Paul McCartney's side all the way!
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@dzevce (41)
• Macedonia
12 Dec 07
I dont get so much the subject.... I think that in question is Paul's divorce and the custody over the children and everithings metter in this situation however i take Pauls side;)
@roadrat (274)
• United States
28 Nov 07
Paul is no angel but Heather is a tremendous drama queen. and you guys are right...he's certainly getting what he asked for.
@laridbz (1287)
• China
15 May 07
Sure I'm on Paul's side, but then I think he is only getting what he deserved for being completely stupid. She is a smart woman, he is a silly and rich guy. What else could have happened in the end?
• United States
27 Mar 07
On Paul's side but without knowing the whole story I guess that's not fair. I just never liked Heather. ALWAYS thought she was a phony gold digger. She was rude to Larry King on her first visit there. He asked her about being married to Paul and she said she wasn't there to discuss her private life..WELL EXCUSE ME FOR ASKING You're married to one of the most famous men in the world. Give us a break, even Bill Gates' wife answered that one! Anyway I hope she kicks that leg off and hits Bruno in the face on DWTS. LOL
@Stiletto (4584)
20 Feb 07
Well I suppose Paul McCartney's side but I have to say - Heather Mills has always been so transparently awful that you really have to question McCartney's common sense for ever getting involved with her in the first place! As far back as when they first started dating the UK press was full of stories about her - she is a proven liar and everyone knew that (and he must have known it too) before he even married her. I'm having a hard time feeling any sympathy for him I must admit.
• United States
8 Feb 07
Pauls totally I Don't believe a frickin thing Heather mills says! Even Jay Leno said he doesn't believe her on The tonight show
@pr_milu (455)
• India
18 Dec 06
me too with Paul
• United States
16 Dec 06
Paul's. No question about it. You just don't do that to one of the Beatles. And Paul, well he has always been such a good family man.
• India
7 Nov 06
• United States
7 Nov 06
I normally don't follow celebrity gossip... so what am I missing? Can you tell me what happened?
@wyykidd (1460)
• Singapore
7 Nov 06
Paul McCartney :)