Less fortunate people made me feel so blessed!

@salonga (18765)
October 20, 2008 4:41am CST
Poor and Needy! - Poor and needy children and yet unmindful of their miserable state.
I've seen less fortunate people living in squatter's area. My heart was moved with compassion and prayed that someday soon they could build a better life. We gave out some food for them as part of the Church Outreach Ministry but it was only a short term help. How I wish a long term assistance will be given to them by the government. I pray these people will also learn to strive hard to help themselves. On the other side of my mind though... I felt so thankful to God for I can still live in a decent and comfortable place with all my needs still provided day by day. Sometimes, I tend to complain about simple issues of life without realizing that I am after all a very blessed person. How about you. Do you feel blessed or unfortunate? How do you feel when you see less fortunate people especially children living in squatter's area?