Been There Done That...

@ParaTed2k (21939)
Sheboygan, Wisconsin
October 21, 2008 2:45am CST
There was a time when my brother said to me, "Ted, you are the only person I know who can say 'been there, done that' and usually mean it." In 2002 that seemed to have come to a screeching halt. Without going into all the meager details, I became disabled. Not only unable to do all the things I'd been enjoying all my adult life, but not able to work at any job at all. I spent a few years in a fog, coming out of it occasionally, but usually just kind of there. I'd go for walks and fall asleep standing on the sidewalk. A few minutes to an hour or so later, I'd wake up, still standing there, sometimes not sure where I was or how I got there. After a few years, things got better. I still can't work, but there is a lot I can do, so I try what I can. What I have come to realize though, is my brother is still right... I've just been given the chance to add a few things to my "been there, done that" list. Sure, adding "experiencing disabilities" to that list isn't something I would set as a goal, but they are experiences I've had that taught me more than I really wanted to know about myself, just as all the goal oriented experiences were. Once again, I find myself at a transitional point. I have some goals and plans for what I will work towards in the coming phase in my life, but in the end, it will just be another set of experiences and confirming what my brother said about me all those years ago. The details of what is to come, I still don't know... but man I am excited to find out!
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21 Oct 08
I have had a lot of experiences, both good and bad myself. There are also a lot of things which I have not done or had the opportunity to or try yet which I hope to do or experience someday. I think it is always exciting to embark on new experiences or adventures. My family and I hope to be embarking on a new experience in the next year or less, which is to buy a house! I believe that all experiences, good or bad, usually prove to be educational in some way. Either you learn something new about yourself, other people, life in general, the world or any combination of those, including some things that I might have left out. Good luck and best wishes on your upcoming goals, plans and adventures!
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@CanadaGal (4304)
• Canada
22 Oct 08
I admire your enthusiasm in your excitement about what new experiences you have in store for you. Like you, I have had many life experiences... far more trauma than the age on my birth certificate by anyone the same age will have likely experienced. However, unlike you, I have yet to find the excitement of looking towards the future and what I have in store for me. I've had so much drama in my life over the years, that I'm quite satisfied with the lull I'm experiencing now. It's a great plateau, and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as I can.
@devylan (695)
• United States
22 Oct 08
That's great, Ted.