Does anyone have red slider turtles?

United States
October 21, 2008 6:47pm CST
I never knew much about turtles until my daughter got 2 red sliders. I've been taking care of them lately so I'm really finding them interesting. (usually I'm a dog and a cat fan) I call them "Frick" (she's the huge one) and "Frack" (he's the little guy that the girl likes to climb all over!) - they are so cute! They really do have their own little personalities, don't they? They crack me up because they act like dogs sometimes! They will be "chillin' out" on a dry rock or on their little bridge and when they see me walk into the room, they jump down into the water and go to the glass and try to climb up! I guess they're trying to get to me - maybe just for the food they think they're going to get! (They used to act scared of me!) But, boy, oh, boy, are they stinky!? I clean their water every day! Imagine having to eat, sleep, and poop in the same water! Ick! But, all in all, they're little cuties! I wonder what they think about? And what do they say to each other about me when I'm not in the room?! LOL
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@rusty2rusty (6766)
• Defiance, Ohio
28 Oct 08
I do have a turtle. But I couldn't tell you want kind it is. My husband brought him home to me when he was smaller than a quarter last year. My turtles name is Sparky. The kids named him. Not sure why they choose that name. I have to change my turtles water every day. he is stuill small enough that he stays under water most of the time. But he does tend to move around alot and he is always watching us. Like we do him.
• Defiance, Ohio
12 Dec 08
Thnak you for the best response. I appreacite it.
• Saudi Arabia
31 Jul 10
I have two red ear slider turtles and one caspian sea turtle. The red ear sliders are very active and have very distince personalities. So does the caspian sea turtle. I have noticed that the sliders that i have a grumpy look on their face, whilst the other one has a smiling face. The sliders are kind of pigs, gobbling up the food and not letting the other one eat, so i had to separate them. Theyre really easy to take care of.
• Philippines
8 Jul 09
we also have two red slider turtles. Ü i notice that they really stink easily and likes to sunbathe.. haha.