Fender Telecasters - What Do You Think Of Them?

United States
October 21, 2008 10:05pm CST
I have a 2001 Standard Telecaster, the model made in Mexico. I love playing this guitar. I was a diehard Gibson player for many years, and made the switch to Strats years ago. Then I got this Tele, my first. I like how versatile it is. It can do country, jazz and, when you go the the bridge pickup, crunchy, classic rock. I have a Telecaster that I am building from parts, too. That will be a 50's style when it gets done. The Tele is was designed in 1950. and it still holds up today!
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• Philippines
6 Nov 08
tele brings dirty metal sound, strat brings more cleaner sound. i prefer telecaster, specially when playing with electroharmonix big muffpi and dunlop crybaby.
@musicman6 (2368)
• United States
22 Oct 08
Yes, I played a Les Paul for several years until I got a Stratocaster, and have gotten used to it! I've played several Telecasters, and I like them, also, just haven't gotten used to them yet! I plan on getting one in the future! I think the reason I switched from the Les Paul to the Fender, is because of the slim body on the Strat! But I do like the tone and sound of the Les Paul!
• Malaysia
22 Oct 08
Febder telecaster is really a cool guitar. It;s the tone makes this guitar unique. Although I never got one for myself but I already played a few of those over the years. It's got this bluesy bright sound. I really playing on one of the series. A real gem man.lol