Do you practice traditions? Believe on beliefs?

@sati123 (184)
October 22, 2008 12:06am CST
DO you still practice old tradition? Like what? do you believe in superstitions? My country is very rich on tradition, like during All Saints Day, Christmas and all We also have many superstitions, like you cannot sweep the floor when it is night time. What do you think of this? is this insane? or with basis? Do you practice them?
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@iyah10 (4116)
• Kuwait
9 Nov 08
I am also Roman Catholic before and i do have the same practice in belief and we called it "Superstitious" and even when i got married with a Husband which is Muslim I still do use the belief that I knew like if I will have a visitors in the house and the dirty plate that we had eaten I do not let anybody washed it because they did not sleep in the house for the night and another one is that I do not sweep in the night,I do not cut a nail in the night as well, and the last thing as I remember I do not pay anything in the night in terms of money....
@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
22 Oct 08
My family has a lot of traditions and they also believe in superstitions. They say that kids should no be cut their hair before it turns one. A lot has been said no to do. Don't give bath to kids when Friday etc.. Some are pretty insane to me and some I practice for no reason at all but being careful. I grew with oldies that is why. Some really had just been incorporated to my daily life.
• India
22 Oct 08
Hi No i don't believe in superstitions like not sweeping floor at night. But yes, I try to follow some of the old traditions like doing a prayer in the morning. Normally, I do meditation and yoga to keep myself mentally fit. At that time I also conduct a prayer. I take veg only foods on any 2 days of the week. I can't remember, right now, any acts which I perform and can be called superstition. I repeat, I don't believe in superstition and always keen to avoid such things.
@rsa101 (16235)
• Quezon City, Philippines
22 Oct 08
Well I guess every country has its own belief system that they follow. I guess unconsciously we tend to follow what customs and traditions dictates in our own places. Unknowingly we are practicing it since it has become a widely accepted practice. I think there is nothing wrong with it for as long as it does not hinder anything about your happiness and freedom.