Are gangs a problem in your neighborhood?

United States
October 22, 2008 3:23am CST
So like... I live in a bad neighborhood and well... one of my friends is a gang member. He was outside hanging out with his friends, and I decided to go see what was going on. They were joking around, yelling nasty stuff at passerbys, and then one of them pulls out a gun and points it at my friend to 'pretend rob' him and I'm like OMG IS THAT REAL? he looked at me like i was crazy and said "HELL YAH". The most shocking news was that I asked my friend if he has a gun and he said yes... then I asked him if he has ever kiled anybody and he said 2 people... im just so shocked. i don't know what to think about him. i grew up with him and our parents were close, but yah.. we kind of chose different paths in life. i mean im not rich, im a stripper... but i never did gangs or drugs or that. im just so shocked. is this like your neighborhood? how common is this!?? and how the heck do they have guns when they have no license!?
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• Ghana
22 Oct 08
omg! do u still hang out with him that could be dangerous. in my neighborhood we do not have any gang problems (we are a peaceful community)
@fritz27 (1137)
• United States
22 Oct 08
I'm only responding for the credit. No, I don't live in a " gang " neighborhood.