happy birthday!!!

@raclie (1732)
October 22, 2008 6:40am CST
how do you feel when someone you are not close to wishes you a hapy birthday? on your birthday that is... all those people you work with, and did not know they knew when is your birthday... actually, i was really happy that my friends wished me a happy birthday, even if i am not close to them. what about you?
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@ahgong (10064)
• Singapore
7 Nov 08
I would be happy anyways. Cos it is my birthday. And some one other than your family remembered. It just feels good that some one remembers. It does not matter who it is. Even if your mortal enemy were to walk up to you and wish you a happy birthday, be happy. He or she managed to put aside the differences to wish you, just be glad.
@bombshell (11266)
• Germany
29 Oct 08
i just say thank you to them and i keep smiling coz its my birthday.
@Munchkin547 (2778)
22 Oct 08
I think it's lovely when people wish me a happy birthday whether they are close to me or not! It's nice that someone remembers and takes the time to wish you a good day! On my brithday last week i got loads of messages on my facebook wall from people wishing me a happy birthday, as well as people here on mylot, i think it's lovely that all those people took the time to say happy birthday!! xxx
• Malaysia
22 Oct 08
I will feel very happy too because even though the person is not that close to me but she still wishes me a happy birthday. This situation will make me stop for a while and ponder, thinking that sometimes our closest family and friends don't even wish me for birthday but a friend who is not that close wishes us. So now we can make a comparison on who is more caring. But I believe if we give much to others, we will get back more in return. If we don't forget to wish others on their birthdays, we will be wished on our own birthdays. I started to wish others I love on their birthdays and in return now on my own birthdays I receive many wishes of happy birthdays from them and it makes me very happy.
• India
22 Oct 08
Ya obviously that makes us happy that somebody who is not close to us remembers our birthday and wish us on that special day.