How do you enjoy your life?

October 22, 2008 9:06am CST
How do you enjoy your life? Which Way do you use? I usually enjoy reading on internet, sometimes go out with fmaily and friends. if i can have chance, i would like to go to travel. What about you ? Sharing with us your mind.
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@n30wing (4771)
• Philippines
23 Oct 08
Usually my enjoyment is very shallow and simple. I just like to see people happy, listening to them and help them in my simple way, it makes me feel happy. I enjoyed listening to music especially at night before I go to sleep. I also enjoyed cooking for my love ones every Sunday. I don't travel now anymore for reason I have to cut costing life is kind a hard now a days I just rather save it for the rainy day. Have a nice day! God bless!
@Shar1979 (2723)
• United States
22 Oct 08
i usually enjoy posting here, play with my daughter and our cat, help my husband clean or repair his boat even if i dont do anything but sit and watch him LOL, i watch tv as well
@myhllim (272)
• Malaysia
22 Oct 08
Getting together with family is one great way I enjoy my life. Being able to have each and every family members together to have a great meal or chit chatting is an enjoyable experience for me. The other way is being alone by myself to read my favourite books, listen to music or doing some craft work. Last but not least, travel to new places with my love one is another way to enjoy life.
• Indonesia
22 Oct 08
I love my life now and enjoy every second of it.. Me and my husband just bought a small house not far from the city but also quiet and have a beautiful ricefield view from my window. I had a good job that pay me good too. I work in a five star hotel and my desk is open air facing to the lotus pond. In my back is a beautiful view of the ocean and the job is never been stressfull to me. I had lots of good friends and sometimes we hang out together, I have a great happy family... My live is just got happier everyday.. I always have a spare time to do my hobbies and always keep my mind positive. How beautiful my life can be.. Happy mylotting to you...
@patzel88 (3311)
• Philippines
22 Oct 08
i enjoy mylotting, reading some discussions, respond topics and do post topics. life will be boring for me if i dont have work at home and with no internet for i am at home always and i also dont like to go out for i dont have friends to visit. i am not comfortable going out, i am happy that i am a member here in mylot and share my thought just to get out from boredom.
@icegermany (2524)
• India
22 Oct 08
enjoying life can only be possible only when all things in life go smoothly and have no worries and hence i think making our surroundings according to us and and making ourself happy is the way where we can enjoy life and be happy. i like to live peacefully without tensions and do whatever i like and no one should stop me and i like to visit places to and i have visited more of places and i really like them and i am just waiting for our next visit in europe somewhere to italy and vienna and this all i like it and i feel its an enjoyment in life and i want my family to be happy and healthy and it is one kind of good enjoyment in life for me.