will the stock market bounce back ?

October 22, 2008 3:08pm CST
Hai friends, i have been invested in stock market from past 3 years , now markets is hamering nd where my money decreasing day by day... will it stops??????
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• Philippines
5 Nov 11
What stock market are you in? The stock markets in different countries do differ in performance some time. But I am confident that the market will bounce back. But still, to be on a better side of things, invests on the blue chip stocks, They are the ones who can weather the economic struggle. Always choose the fundamentally sound companies. I believe that you can never go wrong with them. I know some traders holding on to cash at the moment to strike for opportunities during dips. As you can see, the markets are unstable and volatile at the moment. Profiting from surges and dips can be a nice thing to do at this point.
• Malaysia
5 Nov 11
I am in any stock that with potential to bounce in short / medium term as i trade with TA. What make you so confidence the stock would re-bounce rather than going south? Would Euro / US matter being resolved? hm....
• Malaysia
5 Nov 11
Hi vjreddy, mind to share your method for stocking picking? TA / FA or HA? :P BTW, TA = technical analysis (based on chart) FA = fundamental analysis (based on company business performance) HA = Hope analysis (based on hope) :)
@echomonster (2227)
• Greenwood, Mississippi
22 Oct 08
I have confidence that the markets will make a strong comeback. Right now the overall economic trends are hammering stocks across the board so stock prices aren't really even indicative of a company's performance and quality anymore. Eventually, I think things will calm down and it will pay off to own stock in good companies again. I have no idea when this calm will occur, though -- most experts seem to think the US economy will continue to decline in the short term. Stocks are definitely a LONG-TERM investment nowadays.