Why are you voting for him?

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October 22, 2008 8:48pm CST
I was listening to the radio today while running errands. The discussion was about the undecided voter. There were many concerns about both candidates: this one's going to raise my taxes...that one's going to bankrupt the the country with a mortgage bail out, this one's too old and that one's too inexperienced. I found it very interesting to listen to as well as comical at times. One guy says he basically has to decide which way he wants to be screwed. He's not comfortable with either candidate. All this got me to thinking....those decided voters, why are you voting the way you're voting and what made you decide to vote that way? Let's be honest...even if you're just voting based on skin tone because that's all you have to go on (everything else is too complicated), own up to it, don't be shy. I'll start. I'm voting Republican. I am of the notion that I don't want to be taxed to the point that it's not worth working anymore. I'm not on the spread the wealth notion. I don't mind helping people who help themselves but I certainly don't want to be taxed more than I already am. I think after paying property tax, income tax and sales tax that at least half my annual pay goes towards taxes. I'm pretty much taxed out and unfortunately one of these candidates thinks I don't pay enough. My money is extremely tight right now and just because I make a certain amount of money doesn't mean I have the means to pay more in taxes so someone else can benefit from my hard work. I put in 60 to 70 hours per week to make the money I make; it's not as if the money is growing on a couple of trees in my back yard, so I don't appreciate someone saying that I can afford to pay more just because they think I have a certain lifestyle based on my income. As for my other issues, I'm pro-life, pro-military, pro-small business and pro-border protection. I like the idea of going out there and making it. I think that this is the greatest country in the world (and so do many illegal immigrants!), so I have absolutely no problem with my leaders defending it. I think that the Republicans as a whole have a better idea on how the country should be run, how to stabilize the economy and how to protect us all from impending threats. There are a few Republicans that I find issue with (that's another discussion) but there are far more Democrats that I find issue with, so I'll stick to the Republicans until I get the notion to run for office myself. I feel that the only way to get everything I want out of a politician is to become a politician myself and that's not on my bucket list!
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@clrumfelt (5428)
• United States
28 Oct 08
marian, I think you have made a great argument for voting with the conservative party this election. I agree with you. I am sticking with the republicans this election. Probably a lot more people think like us than what is evident right now because they don't make as much noise as the liberal crowd.
@taripres (1499)
• United States
23 Oct 08
Interesting, well, myself, I can careless either way! Democrats I'll deal with, Republicans, I think mostly got the Bush notions, politicians, I truly believe only lookout for themselves and each other regardless til election time! So, I tend to look out for myself , cause that's all that matters! If I make sure I'm straight, then I can take care of my family. For 31 years, things only gotten worse, and look at it now, just plain ridiculous! So I'll stick to the so called undecided vote and take my chances with life, cause I'm not putting my trust in people who can give a damn about me, my family, slapping me in the face constantly, smiling stating they're helping me! So, either way, they get the 2 fingers; man can not govern himself, obviously!!!! Taripre$