the internet are making me silly

October 23, 2008 9:09am CST
I cann't ignore the convience that the internet bring to my's so intersting ,make the world smaller and samller.but on the other hand, when i spent much time on the internet ,i am tend to be silly .if there is no internet ,i will play basketball, or play with my friend, but they are all insted by the internet, it had replace many things we used to do.the internet are making me silly!
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• Philippines
23 Oct 08
Actually for me internet is not really a problem because instead it helps us a lot to find new things in the web and even help us make money in it. It is a matter of time -management.When we start using internet we get addicted to it and just go on and on but if we know how to manage our time with our daily activities then it's not really hard for us.Eventhough we are so concentrated on the web but we should also relax ourselves from time to time especially giving our eyes rest for a while and not get too addicted with the internet .
@laydee (12813)
• Philippines
23 Oct 08
It doesn't only make you silly it also makes you lazy and a have a little bit more calories or cholesterol, why? There are conveniences of today that most didn't dream of in the past, there are conveniences of today that has made us less patient and demand of quick service and answers. There are positive impacts there but there are also negative ones. One positive side of the internet is that it brings the continents or the countries closer, you could readily talk to someone on the other side of the planet without the hassles of costs, even more exciting is that you can actually see that person live! But one of the greatest mis-use of the internet is that it has caused us (and even more our kids) to lose our values in terms of patience. Information is just within our fingertips that we no longer have the patience to experience life, we want the solutions to every problem pronto! Like for example in school. I mean, homeworks, I used to remember the time when the book reports are due and I am yet in the middle of the whole book. It was indeed stressful but we were forced to read those tiny letters till the end before we could make out our book reports. We didn't have anyone else to ask about it, unless we resorted to asking our parents (if they did remember or have read the novel or book). Now-a-days it's different, kids are too lazy to even open a page, book reports are there in front of them and all they need is to copy and paste! It indeed has has it's ups and downs, but maybe it's just how life is to be. I'm just hoping that like you, I could somehow get away from the internet because it seems that I've been here much longer than I should. In fact, I think our family has, we have our table tennis match every night, we still share the important meals of the day, but somehow, we're still attached to the internet, that if ever the internet went down, people would be blank and no longer know what to do. Funny but that's how it is! =)
• China
24 Oct 08
so it is my strong advice that people should go out for more sports or other things to do.we shall reduce the time in front of the internet.once i went to the country, it's so great there even there is no modern technology,no computers.i love the silence and ease life there.after that i know had been affect too much by the computer, we need go back to natrual!