how does a phone cord become twisted?

October 24, 2008 2:17am CST
A coiled phone cord on the desk phone - the cord is not kinked up - I pick up the handset in my left hand, muttered something in its mouthpiece and hang up the phone in the exact opposite movement as when I picked it up. How the heck does the cord become twisted/kinked up??? I didn't twist the cord when I used it. But somehow it get all twisted and I have to hang the handset by the cord and let it un-kink/un-twist. What's going on???
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@earnnings (1298)
• India
24 Oct 08
Yeah twisting and tingling causes more damage to our mental tension. And we find it more disturbance by the the unusually made long and long cords of the desk only i am tiered of them and replaced all my corded with non-corded thatis cordless many people prefer to have non-corded phones as desk phones rather than those tangy, twisty, disturbing corded one...... so now the immense change in technology also advices us to change by the world terrifyingly so you too replace all thoses corded desk phones with simple and happy cordless
@kedves (728)
24 Oct 08
well it could be two reasons .. one that the tension in the cord acts like a spring and the natural twists in the wires inside the cord force it to twist .. or just accept it as one of the many wonders this world has to offer like why can you only fold a piece of paper in half no more than eight times no matter how big it is? ;)