What do you think about having a girlfriend on campus?

October 24, 2008 8:26am CST
I'm in relationship now and she is on my campus. She always want attention and care from me. I have been trying my best but it is really affecting my school work and concentration during lecture.Now I'm thinking of calling it off or what do you advice me to do?
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• China
24 Oct 08
It depends.If you think it really affect your studying a lot,you could talk to her,maybe you could let her know the effect on you,to call for her understanding,and you need to communicate with her.If you call it off,this may hurt her a lt.So be deliberate before you make your choice.
• Bahrain
24 Oct 08
Well, my advice to you is this: since she's always wanting lots of attention from you, why not give it to her in the form of studying? Meaning when you two get together, try to study together and help each other understand things and study for tests/exams etc, instead of just hanging out wasting your time. I'm not saying to only do that but try to make it a priority over petty things that can be left for later. Try to make her understand that you want to do well in school and she should too, help each other
@kenchihi (121)
• Malaysia
24 Oct 08
I would advice you to call it off. I have seen many couple getting in deep problems especially when you mix a relationship with studies. Though, there are exceptions, especially when both are committed to performing well in their studies. In fact, if done properly being a relationship can help both of you excel in your studies. It all comes down to how you handle things and what are your priorities in life. I hope that helps :) Cheers
@amitam (80)
• India
24 Oct 08
Ya having girl friend will affect your studies, you tell her clearly.
@kedves (728)
24 Oct 08
it depends how much you like her. but i would suggest be honest be straight forward and tell her what you want and how you feel. If she respects you and wants to stay as your girlfriend then she will understand. good luck and please be tactful ok :)harmony and peace always good to have when you are studying :)