Do you participate in any activities at school?

October 24, 2008 3:09pm CST
Sport teams, school-hosted clubs, competitions, voluntary work organized at school, etc.. do you ever participate in any of those? I'm curious about what kind of activities are available in schools around the globe ^w^ In terms of activities, my school is quite boring really- the only stuff available are a few competitions that only the best of the best can participate in (I only participate in the spelling competitions o.o) and some sports' teams, and this year it is my first time participating in that which Iam in the handball team as one of two goal keepers. The tournament won't start until next semester so I guess for me it's competition time to see who the coach decides to take as the primary goal keeper :P How about you? What activities do you like participating in? Or stuff that your teachers beg you to participate in?! Anything of the sort? ^w^
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@wolfie34 (26792)
• United Kingdom
24 Oct 08
I used to participate in chess after school, it was a club run for the pupils at the school of any age and any ability. I was never good enough to be put forward as the school champion, I guess I wasn't very competitive I just enjoyed it as a game and being able to practice against different people. I was even beaten once by a girl in the first year and I was in the fifth year but I had admiration for the girl and wasn't in the least bit upset by being beaten by her. She was an excellent chess player and I even put her name forward to be the school's champion.
• Bahrain
25 Oct 08
I wish if someone could teach me how to play chess D= it looks like a fun mind-puzzling game. I am good at checkers though