What will you to an uncommited worker?

@thefuture (1751)
October 25, 2008 7:47am CST
Hi friends! It's been quite an age I spent time in Mylot due to one thing or the other (studies precisely). But hope you are all doing great? There is this thing that give me curiousity. I work with a colleague in a cyber cafe and when he want's to go out, he doesn't get anyone informed on where he is going. Our boss is not happy with his attitude and he want to fire him, but the boss is considering the mother because she doesn't want her son to be living without doing anything. What do you think and what will you suggest for the boss to do? if you are the one, what will you do? Thanks for your response in advance.
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@gerald_lian (2193)
• Australia
25 Oct 08
I think in this situation, the first thing the boss should do is to have an informal session just to talk with that colleague of yours, mentioning about his work performance/attitude and also perhaps outlining his main tasks and responsibilities as a worker in the cyber cafe. This session could also include goal setting ie. setting certain milestones for achievement for your colleague. Such a session should ring a bell for your colleague about his work attitude and also what he is supposed to be doing in the workplace. Hopefully after such a session, his work ethics will improve. If after about a month and no significant improvement can be seen, a formal session should be held by your boss to inform your colleague again about his work attitudes, and also issue a warning letter to let him know that this is serious. This should be a bigger motivation for your colleague to really improve his work attitude. After another month and still no improvements whatsoever, then your boss will have all the rights to fire your colleague. Just for your information, this is normally the procedure for employers to go about handling bad work attitudes. If this procedure is not followed, normally they will lose in the court case if the employee decides to sue the employer for unfair action. Hope that my so-called advice is useful and beneficial for you boss!