What do you know about Leishmania?

@ronaldinu (12440)
October 25, 2008 3:50pm CST
It affects hot Mediterranean countries such as Malta, Spain and some parts of Italy. It can affect humans as well as dogs. If you have any information about the prevention of cure of Leishmania please do share it here. Thanks in advance.
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@mtdewgurl74 (18118)
• United States
29 Oct 08
http://wzus.ask.com/r?t=p&d=us&s=a&c=a&l=dir&o=ffx&ld=3509&sv=0a300527&ip=45b02091&id=ABF199934CBDB587E9A2A41B5A2F411C&q=What+is+Leishmania&p=1&qs=145&ac=3&g=47c1nHebU0%kDt&en=te&io=0&ep=&eo=&b=a003&bc=&br=&tp=d&ec=1&pt=Division%20of%20Parasitic%20Diseases%20-%20Leishmania%20Infection%20%20Fact%20Sheet&ex=tsrc%3Dlxlx&url=&u=http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dpd/parasites/leishmania/factsht_leishmania.htm This is a link I found along with another about it. Doesn't sound to pretty to have this so it is good to prevent it all you can. http://wzus.ask.com/r?t=p&d=us&s=a&c=a&l=dir&o=ffx&ld=3509&sv=0a300527&ip=45b02091&id=ABF199934CBDB587E9A2A41B5A2F411C&q=What+is+Leishmania&p=1&qs=145&ac=3&g=47c1nHebU0%kDt&en=te&io=0&ep=&eo=&b=a003&bc=&br=&tp=d&ec=1&pt=Division%20of%20Parasitic%20Diseases%20-%20Leishmania%20Infection%20%20Fact%20Sheet&ex=tsrc%3Dlxlx&url=&u=http://www.cdc.gov/ncidod/dpd/parasites/leishmania/factsht_leishmania.htm
26 Oct 08
Hi ronaldinu, I have no idea what is Leishmania, What is it? Tamara
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
25 Oct 08
I never heard of it
@littleowl (7157)
25 Oct 08
Hi ronald I have never heard of it before will have a look on the net about it...littleowl
@nanajanet (4436)
• United States
25 Oct 08
I see that it is supposed to come from sand flies and is quite an old problem. See here... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leishmania This is what I found by searching some more about symptoms, cause, and treatments... http://www.righthealth.com/Health/Leishmaniosis-Diseases__and_Causes-Leishmaniasis-s
@bunnybon7 (37653)
• Holiday, Florida
25 Oct 08
wow never heard of it. maybe i'll find out about it here.