don't have referrals...

@redkathy (3375)
United States
October 27, 2008 1:30am CST
I have found it extremely hard to build a down line. Maybe I'm just too honest or not looking in the right places. Anyway, I found a site that pays you for your clicks when you join under them. I have posted about this site before and had some negative feedback on what percentage is being paid and what is posted on the home page. Well, they have enough members now to honor their promised amount, which is 70% of your clicks. Some sites they offer at 100%. That means on those sites you get double, paid on the bank site and the PTC site. This is also a way to get 70% more from paying ptc sites which really helps when you have no referrals. I have been paid twice there even though I haven't made the payout from all of the PTC sites yet. Check the bank banner on my profile maybe this will help you too! What do you think, is 70% enough to make you join a site?
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