how would you deal with someone like this??

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October 28, 2008 7:00am CST
ok a friend who's not working due to health reasons, he's older then me like in his 50's.. ok 56.. i got him a free computer, a old computer with windows 98. yeah old.. at first i told him look this is old it will be really slow just because it's old. i even put programs on there to keep it clean for him. told him if he gets a virus i won;t be able to formatt it because we dont have the cd for his drivers. so he complain about how slow it was. so i asked have you called for your dsl yet? no i still got dail up.. ok let put this way it's so slow i hooked it up to my cable internet router it took at least 5 min for pages to load up.. lol. he called me the other night complaining again how slow it is. and he wants to put window 2000 on there because he cant use yahoo messager not can he run aol and yahoo together becuse his computer freezes up. so i told him again for the 1,000 time. that computer is old. it's slow like your a&&.. you can't put window 2000 on there you won;t have enough space on there or speed and plus you will need drivers for it, you don't have a cd with them and i really doubt we can even find them. for you to upgrade that thing will cost more then a new computer would. you need to buy a new one.. then he goes into how when he did computers 40 yrs ago.. how would you deal with this?? myself i am about to flick off on him and tell him go out and spend a few bucks for a nice one already.....
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28 Oct 08
lol, my mom is the same way where she just can't get it through her head! I have givin her my old computer because she wanted it and she keeps wondering how she can keep it from going so slow and she has dial up and an old 2000 computer. I have to constantly tell her she would be better off getting a new computer after all that's why I got a new one and let go of the old.