ugly girl with billion estate and beautiful poor girl,which one is your choice?

@penddy (48)
October 28, 2008 8:30am CST
There are two choice when you marry with somebody. you can marry with an ugly girl but you can get billion estate. And you can marry with an very beautiful girl but you can get nothing. Which one is your choice? A. the rich one B. the beautiful one C. both...... D. none
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16 Nov 08
Which one's smarter, more interesting, has a great sense of humour? Money and exterior beauty are unimportant. It's what's inside that counts. Have to choose option E: I need more info. ;)
• Canada
28 Oct 08
I don't care about money, and while you need to find your mate somewhat attractive, I don't care much about that either. A beautiful creature can still treat you badly or be as stupid as a rock. Intelligence and wit are impotant. a sense of humour and a sense of kindness. those things are important. then again if she looked like someone beat her with a sack of nickles... yeah I think I answer D, none
• Ireland
28 Oct 08
For me attraction is the most important not wealth so thats an easy question i would of course marry the beautiful woman it does not matter how much you have in terms of money if you do not have the most precious thing of all - love it cannot be bought thats my answer but today we live in a world controlled by wealth so what i could have said was... marry the wealthy woman - divorce her (taking her wealth in the split) and then marry the beautiful woman but no, in real life i couldnt do that, but some do i'll bet