interesting website: input your name,get personal cartoon avatar

penddy avatar - this is penddy avatar generate by turnyournameintoaface
@penddy (48)
October 28, 2008 8:46am CST
The website url is: It's very interesting! You can see the example image below.
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@zand210 (56)
• United States
28 Oct 08
haha, this is cool. I tried a couple of different names and they all turned out to be a boy (thank god, lol) but yea, its really cool
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• Philippines
28 Oct 08
i have tried it just now.. hahaha! its funny i typed my name and it turns out to be a guy. does my name sounds like a guy?? anyways, i tried typing another name. no matter how girly the name is it would still turn to be a guy cartoon.
@youless (93670)
• Guangzhou, China
28 Oct 08
I tried it just now and frankly I don't know how it created this image according to my name:) I love China
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@adihindu (1922)
• India
29 Oct 08
I have tried it and it was not much interesting to me. It was showing some random image when we submit the name. Thank you. Your PC could be a cash machine. Look at my profile to know how.
@jend80 (2068)
29 Oct 08
that's fun. Dacaisha - I've just tried it to see if it's just a random picture generator but repetedly prerssing the button didn't change the image for my name.