Researching Toys

United States
October 28, 2008 10:35am CST
Do you research the toys that your kids ask for for Christmas before you buy them? I feel like people think I am crazy b/c I go online and see what others think about the product before buying it myself and will do alot to find something else that is better. Am I the only crazy one?
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@pehpot (4762)
• Philippines
4 Nov 08
I do that too but since my kids are still small I am the one who choose the toys I would give them and we all do researching so they can see the pictures of the toy we are planning to buy, and I only buy them toys that are educational and would last longer
@ronaldinu (12440)
• Malta
31 Oct 08
I do try to research for toys that my son request online. I try ebay and see if there are good bargains there. Then I will search elsewhere and compare prices. © ronaldinu 2008
@Nhey16 (2519)
• Philippines
29 Oct 08
that's nice to do, researching online. though, i dont do research online for the toys my kids would ask as their Christmas presents. we do ask them what kind of present they want, then they would have to wait for it til Christmas.
@rainmark (4306)
28 Oct 08
do seldom doing that, Mu husband is the one who obsessed with toys. So we always going to the shop and check what's new and affordable. He only check toys online when he see it something interesting on the television. Happy posting.
@sunshine4 (8708)
• United States
28 Oct 08
I would say you are smart to do this. I don't usually research any toy my daughter asks for unless I am buying it online. If I do, then I look for comments from other buyers. Lots of times, they do sway my decision one way or the other.
@rusty2rusty (6765)
• Defiance, Ohio
28 Oct 08
Yes, I do tend to do reserch ona toy before I buy it. I am all for finding things that are educational or can help my child learn something. Sometimes they get things just for fun. But I don't want to get something for them than find it laying on the floor before the days end.
• United States
28 Oct 08
I do the same I go online and research them to see what others have said about them. To find out if theres been a recent recalls on them for lead and stuff. How well made they are. Your not the only one thats nuts for it i've been told the same thing before. Happy Mylotting!!!!