How many grandmothers watch their grandchildren more than just occasionally?

@nanajanet (4436)
United States
October 28, 2008 10:44am CST
My daughter became pregnant and her boyfriend was so supportive, we thought. Suddenly he split for places unknown and has not seen his own daughter, ever. My lovely granddaughter is 16 months old and a joy. We told our daughter to come move in, when she was pregnant, and we turned the basement into an apartment, minus kitchen, for her. I built a nursery, closets, walls between the storage area and her living area, we paid to have heat and a bathroom in. My daughter and I painted and laid down the flooring. They have been living here over two years, which is fine. I watch the baby, and so does my husband, when she is at work. I love the baby, love watching her but do miss our freedom that we had beforehand. I would not do it any other way as I love them and they do need help, but now it is time for my daughter to rely on us less. She wanted me to take her to the doctor today, which is a forty minute drive, long wait and 40 minutes back. She has 3 days off and the baby is not sick. I said that she will do it on her day off. I do not mind if the baby is sick or she gets called into work but I feel that my days when I do not watch her she should plan to make sure that we have those days completely free. Since she works weekends, we cannot do weekend things like other people our age as we have the baby. Now, if we want to do something and baby cannot come, my daughter has to arrange for someone else to take her but even that relies on us to get her there and mom then picks her up. As I said, I love helping and do it because I love them, but I do miss my empty next egg at the same time.
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@bfarrier1 (2082)
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22 Jan 09
Your daughter is very lucky to have you,there are alot of grandparents that won't babysit,I myself watch one of mine quite often although she dont live with me.I love spending time with her but I am usually ready for her to go home by the time mom comes to get her,she is 2 and very active so she wears me out.You have a great night.