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The way I feel... - Do we need details about a broken heart?
@Tammuz (347)
October 28, 2008 5:17pm CST
What do you do,how do you react when the one you love confesses you that he/she loves another one...a shadow from his/her past?Yes,I am talking about an EX here.I don't know how to react at this one!I can't even feel pain,joy for him..nothing! You must have seen discussions with the this subject lots of times by now...but I could really use some advices...
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@lynnemg (4539)
• United States
28 Oct 08
First and foremost, you must keep your pride. The bottom line is that we cannot make someone love us. Try looking at it like is their loss. Instead of letting yourself become depressed over the matter, look at it as that person's loss. You will eventually find that special someone to spend your life with, and it will happen when you least expect it. I was in a relationship that I thought was going to last. We had even begun to discuss marriage. Then, 15 months into it, and on Valentine's Day, I went to his house, and he told me that if his ex walked in the door that minute, he would take her back. Of course, I was upset, especially after the things he told me about that relationship. I felt like I was just punched in the gut. I told him that if that is how he truly felt, I would leave and not bother him again. I kept true to my word. Two years later, my Mr. Right literally showed up on my doorstep, and we have been together ever since. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Even if it is painful at the time, there is a reason for it and it all works out in the end.
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@Tammuz (347)
• Romania
28 Oct 08
Well,my story is a little more complicated than that.We broke up almost 2 years ago.It was very painful then.Now...I don't even know how I feel.I am shocked about something I predicted. Thank you.Your reply is like a warm wind for me.Although I'm always there for a friend in need,I didn't realize how important it is for someone to tell you not to lose hope in times like this.Thank you once more