would you share things you done with family or friends ?

United States
October 29, 2008 6:27am CST
ok i have a nephew who's gay.. no big deal.. he is what he is. but he shared with me and my other nephew something that he did to myself. it's has to do with a cumber.. yeah.. think about it.. let say i don't or won;t eat cummer no more. now my thing i asked him why you tell us this????? to me that is something you keep to yourself, if you share it with others and they give you a hard time or make fun of you, you asked for it. would you share things like this with other people or keep it yourself ? myself i wouldn't do it, but if i did try things i wouldn't tell anyone keep to myself.
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@Ravenladyj (22937)
• United States
29 Oct 08
Maybe he did it for shock value..or as a test of some kind...or maybe he just felt it was okay to share that sort of information with you..Only he can know for certain what his reasons were ya know.... As for me sharing..LOL yea I do but not with just anyone..I mean my bf knows a bunch of stuff and of course gfs and i have had many a lenghty discussion about our escapades etc and my husband knows a couple of things etc etc but how much I share depends on the person/ppl and whether or not I think they could handle it, appreciate it, get it etc etc LOL
@aswathj (177)
• India
29 Oct 08
I also like you..did not shared to my friends.. But heard some thing.. Which is intrestig..to listen..!