Opening two tabs of myLot page. Is it against the TOS?

@070707 (302)
October 30, 2008 9:35am CST
Dear myLotter, Since there are a lot of discussion to comments, a lot of image to upload, so is it okay if we open more than one tab for myLot? Is it against the TOS? What do you think about it? Please kindly comments your opinion.
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@JoyfulOne (6242)
• United States
30 Oct 08
No, I don't believe it is against the tos here. I always do that, and I've been here over 2 years now. Like right now I have the main page for questions & answers open, and I opened up another page to answer this particular question. Once this question's answered I'll hit 'my interests' and see if there's something there I want to answer...and while that page is loading up I'll continue surfing through questions and answers pages for other discussions. I only have dial-up available here lol, if I only had one page of this discussion group open at a time, I'd never get anywhere. So, don't worry about it, it doesn't seem to affect anything at all. Happy posting :-)
@chiyosan (30198)
• Philippines
30 Oct 08
i dont think so. i mean, if you are able to answer posts faster than others and while the other tab is still loading, then that will be really fine.